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On behalf of the Zinzi family; Dr. Bear’s Closet at Children’s National Medical Center; and St. Ann’s Center for Women, Children & Families, we are with very sad hearts and are disappointed to tell you that we must postpone the Zinzi Christmas Party until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control, and the vaccine is available for everyone. We want all to be safe, healthy, vigilant, and tolerant as we get through this pandemic together.

First and foremost, thank you and God bless to all of the frontline responders, and essential personnel (in any category) who have been putting their lives on the line for everyone!

During this crisis, let’s all remember to support our distributors, suppliers, and ALL the businesses associated with our industry. THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW MORE THAN EVER!
On a more positive note, we wish to thank everyone involved with the 2019 Zinzi Christmas Party! The event would not be the success it is without the support of our partners, sponsors, hosts, participating bars, clubs, and restaurants!

Thank you to our partners:

Breakthru Beverage Group; Capital Eagle/AB; Diageo; Miller/Coors; Pernod Ricard; Premium Distributors; Republic National Distributing Company; and Southern Glazer’s Transatlantic.

Thank you to our sponsors & suppliers:

Absolute Elyx; Atomic Brands; Bacardi; Beam Suntory, Beltway Brewing Company; Blue Moon; Boston Beer Co.; Brown Forman; Campari America; Casamigos; Capital Party Rentals; Ciroc VS; Constellation Brands; Davos; Deep Eddy; Diageo Beer Company; Dr. Stoner’s; Fever Tree-USA; Gallo; Grass Roots; Heaven Hill; Heineken; Hendrick’s; Holtaling; Honor Brewing Company; Jeager; Martell; Mezcal Silencio; MS Walker; Murlarkey; Pacifico; Patron; Proximo; Pelonkey; REDBULL; RSVP Catering; Redpeg Marketing; Remy; Sagamore; Sazerac; Sir Speedy; Squadra Films; Stolen Rum; Stella Artois; Tito’s; Vira Designs; William Grant; and The Wine Group.

Thank you to all of the hosts; participating bars, clubs, and restaurants; and to our venue provider, The Anthem!

And a special thank you to the following: the Bender family; the Cordero family; the Heidenberger family; the Norton family; the Reyes family; NETSCOUT; and Win Sheridan.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of your support!!

The Zinzi Christmas Party

An Annual Christmas Tradition

As the year passes and the festive season draws near, we all look forward to celebrating the life, love, hard work, and efforts done throughout the year. And what better way to celebrate than following the great Annual Christmas Tradition with Zinzi Christmas party that gives the perfect opportunity to leave the stress of work behind and get together to help Charitable Organizations and enjoy a night of joyful exultation at the same time.

Thanks to our hosts

The Zinzi Family

David Karim • Abdul Hillu • Ali Amarlooi • Keith Chmiel • Jerry Kenney • Rosie Haugh • Cheryl Martin • Dara Jimenez • Lavert Phillips • Anthony Mannuccia • Charles Tappan • Jon & Tim Norton • John & Tonya Finlay • Kelly Paul • Oscar Molina • Rob Osta • Tim & Liz Reilly • Jimmy Cirrito • Mary Pat Strasser • Steve Ryan •  Ray Cruz • Eric & Alex Heidenberger • Marc Barnes • Hero Hoang • Mike, Nick & Anthony Cordero • Jason Fisher • Ray “Gizmo” Ward • Andrew Norman • Brad Evans • Anoosh Jahanian • Walid Karim• Jonathan Ball • James Elb • Leigh Kirchner • Chuck Moline • Gary Cornelius • Glendon & Julia Grose • Jayson Kostyk •  Chris Hollowell • Evelyn Akers • Tracy Robinson • Win Sheridan • Brackton Pratt • Johnna Nutter •  Scott Rodgers • Remy Ajaoudi • David Black • Ian Purcell • Jena Belinkie Riley• Alyssa Bonk • Shawn Mehler • Paul Williams • Chris Anderson •   John Issa • Daniel Barreros • Charles Yates • Jeremy Sundheimer • Kevin Kholer • Chuck Lee • Mike & Nicole Kaufman • Mike & Christal Bramson •  George Harris • Amanda Lukas • Kent Smith • Jeff Harrison • Chris Hawkins • Sean Hughes • George Martinez • Farsad Khan • Brian Murphy • Fabio Brankovic • Joe Sharkey • Mike Deery • Katherine Basile • Kristina Murphy • Justin Snyder • Quentin Parsons • Paul Kolokousis• Josh Habursky • Stefan Oostveen • Maggie Bodge • James Hottle

MAD FOX Brewing Company
MAD FOX Brewing Company

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