Dr. Bears Closet at Children’s National Hospital

The Zinzi Christmas Party has a rich history of more than 25 years. It started more than two decades back when Frank Sr., Frank & Chris Zinzi decided to host a Christmas party at their home in Northern Virginia.

One of the highlights of the Zinzi Christmas Party is the fact that it has benefited multiple Local and National Charities including Children’s National Medical Center (Bear’s Closet), St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth & Families, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Pentagon Assistance Fund (PAF) and more.

We receive hundreds of thank you cards each year from patient families expressing their gratitude for the services we provide. They are a wonderful reminder of the the Zinzi Family’s immense impact at our hospital.

—Fernanda Vessio, Director of Volunteer Services

About Dr. Bears Closet

Just the thought of hospitals can often bring families unease. When surgery is involved, stress levels increase tenfold. Donations enable Dr. Bears Closet to alleviate much of this anxiety through the Pre-Surgical Tour Program. This program introduces surgical patients and their families to the hospital prior to the day of surgery. A team of trained staff and volunteers lead the patients and their families through a tour of the Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Center for Surgical Care. Families are then introduced to commonly used equipment and procedures and various members of the healthcare team. By familiarizing families with the surgical preparation and recovery process, we significantly decrease their fears and increase the likelihood of a successful operation.

A Room Full of Joy

Playing is an essential part of childhood and is especially important when children undergo difficult treatment or procedures due to illness. Through the donations made to Dr. Bears Closet, they ensure that patients continue to have opportunities to play and just be kids through the many donated toys, games, and books in Dr. Bear’s Closet. Whether comfort is needed before a child’s medical procedure or to celebrate a birthday, Dr. Bear’s Closet is fully stocked with age-appropriate gifts that will brighten the patients’ day. Additionally, Dr. Bear’s Closet extends to parents who often require necessities such as clothing, gas and grocery cards, and hotel accommodations while their child is being treated.

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